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“Think it. Want it. Get it.”

— (via purplebuddhaquotes)

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any white at a protest who tries to go against police and deliberately provoke a response from them is not to be trusted and does not have the safety of black and brown people in mind.

there is a good chance that they are police too. if anyone, especially a white dude, ever randomly gets your attention and conspiratorially tries to convince you to jump a police officer, then dude is a cop. They have been using this technique and script for at least 30 years.

Check their fucking shoes. They’re always too afraid that their little toesies will be hurt so they’ll usually still be rocking the exact same boots as the guys on the other side. This was what gave the cops away when they provoked riots in Toronto a while back.

@talesofalamia, remember when I pointed out the shoes of the two well-dressed informants near us?

Similar note: IME, unmarked cruisers have five distinguishing traits:

1. They’re one of the department-issue models.
2. They’re always white, black, or dark blue.
3. They always look like they just rolled out of a car wash.
4. Usually rocking restricted plates.
5. Most reliable if present but hardest to spot: Their mirrors are bulkier, to fit the light rigs in.

In Austin the under cover officer that tried to convince me to set a cop car on fire had a convincing fake beard.

Be careful out there and read up on common tactics used against protestors before going.

You can usually see the stealth lights if you look into the grill.

Besides the old obvious as fuck Crown Victoria, be suspicious of 2013+ Ford Taurus and Explorer, 2006+ Dodge Charger and Dakota, 06-13 Chevy Impala, 11+ Chevy Caprice and both the Tahoe and Suburban.

Look for oversize mirrors, plugs on the roof and/or A pillar, lights inside the grill, extraneous lights inside the headlight assembly, lights tucked up behind the rear view mirror, steel wheels with or without wheel covers, and plugs or short antennas on the trunk lid.

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who’s gonna win??

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On h60d your impact on the world will never die big homie. 🙏🏾

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Lauren London and Nipsey Hu$$le

GQ March 2K19

RIP Nipsey Hussle

my whole heart broke&goes out to her 🤞🏾

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