Young Nigga With An Attitude

Chris Cal. -22 -Jamaican & Cuban -Queens -In Florida Now -Hip Hop Musician/Producer -Pussy Pleaser -#TopFlightMovement -Hit The Ask For Anything -Check The Links Below A$AP "Don't Gain The World, and Lose Your Soul, Wisdom Is Better Then Silver and Gold" -Bob Marley 👉 👈








What a precious child. Goku is so important for him. :’)

He’s just as important to Goku, look at him providing Goku energy. You go little dude.

This happened in Mexico and the mexican voice actor of Goku, Mario Castañeda, heard about this, he called the little boy and had a chat with him, pretending he was Goku and thanking him for his help with the Genkidama and wishing him the best ❤

Here’s the video in spanish.

I’m… I’m just gonna go cry a little in the corner.


Why ya gotta make me cry this early in the day dawg.

His name’s Luis Ángel, and this child is as strong as Goku is! 💪✨

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Alternatives for 25 overused words in writing



1. Interesting- note worthy; thought-provoking; fascinating; attracting; appealing; attention-grabbing; captivating; gripping; invigorating; engrossing; engaging; electrifying.  

2. Beautiful- striking; stunning; magnificent; lovely; charming; gorgeous; radiant; dazzling.

3. Good- acceptable, wonderful, exceptional; positive; brilliant; first-rate; notable; stellar; favorable; superb; marvellous; prime.

4. Bad- awful; lousy; poor; unacceptable; crummy; dreadful; rough; inferior; substandard; atrocious; appalling; dreadful; defective.

5. Look- glance; fixate; observe; stare; gaze; peer; scan; watch; study; browse; eye; glimpse; review; inspect.

6. Nice- lovely; superior; pleasant; satisfying; delightful; likeable; agreeable; correct; adequate; swell; fair; okay; approved.

7. Very- extremely; exceedingly; exceptionally; immensely; tremendously; abundantly; particularly; remarkably.

8. Fine- satisfactory; worthy; respectable; exquisite; suitable; well; imposing; decent; admirable; praise-worthy; decent.

9. Happy- cheerful; delighted; pleased; content; amused; thrilled; elated; thrilled; ecstatic; on cloud 9. 

10. Really- genuinely; truly; honestly; actually; undoubtedly; certainly; remarkably; incredibly; downright; unquestionably; extremely.

11. Sad- miserable; gloomy; devastated; distressed; down at heard; distraught; distressed; dispirited; sorrowful; downcast; feeling blue; desolate.

12. Big- massive; huge; giant; gigantic; enormous; large; colossal; immense; bulky; tremendous; hefty; sizable; extensive; great; substantial. 

13. Shocked- taken aback; lost for words; flabbergasted; staggered; outraged; astonished; astounded; stunned; speechless; appalled.

14. Small- tiny; petite; mini; miniature; microscopic; minuscule; compact; pocket-sized; cramped; puny; undersized; limited; meager; modest; minute; pint-sized. 

15. Angry- irate; enraged; touchy; cross; resentful; indignant; infuriated; wound-up; worked-up; seething; raging; heated; bitter; bad-tempered; offended; frustrated. 

16. Know- understand; comprehend; realize; learn; perceive; recognize; grasp; sense.

17. Change- alter; transform; replace; diversify; adjust; adapt; modify; remodel; vary; evolve; transfigure; redesign; refashion; advance; transition; shift; adjustment.

18. Old- aged; ancient; matured; elderly; senior; veteran; decrepit; seasoned; venerable; past one’s prime; doddering; senile.

19. Think- ponder; reflect; conceive; imagine; contemplate; consider; determine; realize; visualize; guess/assume; conclude; envision. 

20. Funny- comical; ludicrous; amusing; droll; entertaining; absurd; hilarious; silly; whimsical; hysterical; joking; witty; facetious; slapstick; side-splitting; knee-slapping.

21. Go- move; proceed; advance; progress; travel; walk; journey; depart; exit; flee; make one’s way; clear out; get underway.

22. Give- grant; donate; hand-out; present; provide; deliver; hand over; offer; award; bestow; supply with; contribute to; send; entrust.

23. Get- acquire; obtain; receive; gain; earn; gather; collect; buy; purchase; attain; score; secure; take possession of; grab.

24. Easy- effortless; simple; clear; smooth; straightforward; uncomplicated; painless; accessible; apparent; basic; plain; child’s play; facile; elementary; cinch. 

25. Fast- agile; brisk; rapid; nimble; swift; accelerated; fleeting; high-speed; active; dashing; winged; hurried; turbo. 

Get Your Vernacular Together

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This meme is getting outta hand

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Black Panther BTS: Jabari Tribe & The Dora Milaje

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“i’m sad and idk how to feel better”


“i don’t know what to draw”


“i always mess up”





Bob Ross was paid $0 to make his series. He made a living giving lessons IRL and later selling his own line of paints and brushes.

I apologize for not reblogging him as much but everyone needs this on their dash daily.  Seriously everyone needs this on their blog or wherever.

Do they rerun this anymore or no?

Words of wisdom!

Thank You Bob Ross For All The Happiness You Brought To My Life Growing Up 🙏🏾

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nutted but she still suckin

Super accurate.

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